Broederlijk Delen

Name Broederlijk Delen
Translated Name Fraternal Sharing
Additional Contact
Street Address National Offices, Huidevettersstraat 165, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Huidevettersstraat 165
City Brussels
State/Prov None
Zip 1000
Country Belgium
Phone +32-(0)2-502.57.00
Fax +32-(0)2-502.81.01
Web Site
Type Applied CST
Work Areas Third World, Poverty, Economy, Development, Globalization, Human Rights, Fair Trade, Rural Development, Society, International Relations, Politics, Youth, Welfare Society/Social State, Hunger/Water
Activities Community Organizing, Project Development, Networking, Campaign, Information, Lobby, Advocacy, Dialogue, Fundraising, Education
Ecclesiastical Connection Catholic
Org Level International
More Info Focuses on spirituality , especially Christian spirituality; with Catholic roots.

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