Bischöfliche Aktion ADVENIAT

Name Bischöfliche Aktion ADVENIAT
Translated Name Bishops' Action ADVENIAT
Contact Prälat Dr. Dieter Spelthahn
Additional Contact Michael P. Sommer
Street Address Am Porscheplatz 7, 45127 Essen, Postanschrift, Postfach 100152, 45001 Essen, Germany
Am Porscheplatz 7
Postfach 100152, 45001 Essen, Germany
City Essen
State/Prov None
Zip 45127
Country Germany
Phone +49-(0)201-1756.0
Fax +49-(0)201-17 56.111
Web Site
Type Applied CST
Work Areas Poverty, Third World
Activities Housing/Shelter, Building, Direct Service, Education, Fundraising, Funding, Project Development, Networking, Campaign
Ecclesiastical Connection Catholic: German Bishops' Conference
Org Level International
More Info Humanitarian organization (action) of the German Bishop's Conference.

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