Azzione Cattolica Italiana

Name Azzione Cattolica Italiana
Translated Name Italian Catholic Action
Contact Paola Bignardi, Presidente Nazionale
Additional Contact Vice Presidents: Ernesto Preziosi, Francesca Zabotti, Marco Franchin, Ilaria Vellani
Street Address
City None
State/Prov None
Zip 0
Country None
Web Site
Type Applied CST
Work Areas Religion/Church and Society; Peace, Conflict Resolution, Citizenship, Democracy, Immigration/Refugees, Family, Human Rights, Youth, Poverty, Hunger/Water, Labor, Work, Globalization, Bioethics, Seniors
Activities Education, Pastoral Work, Seminars, Continuing Education, Conferences, Dialogue, Campaign, Information, Forums, Policy Making
Ecclesiastical Connection Catholic: national association of Catholic laity - containing many other associations
Publications Segno nel mondo, Fogli di cultura popolare (series
Org Level National
More Info 500.000 members

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