Urban Ecology Institute

Name Urban Ecology Institute
Translated Name Urban Ecology Institute
Contact Maxwell Kennedy, Co-Director
Additional Contact Charles Lord, Co-Director
Street Address 140 Commonwealth Avenue 355 Higgins Hall Chestnut Hill, Massachusets 02467 USA
140 Commonwealth Avenue
355 Higgins Hall
City Chestnut Hill
State/Prov Massachusets
Zip 02467
Country USA
Phone +1-617-552-1198; +1-617-552-1555; +1-617-552-0928
Fax +1-617-552-1198
Email matthew.kennedy.1@bc.edu; charles.lord.1@bc.edu
Web Site www.bc.edu/bc_org/research/urbaneco
Type Society/Ethics
Work Areas Ecology, Politics
Activities Research, Education, Lobby, Advocacy
Ecclesiastical Connection Catholic: Boston College (Society of Jesus)
Org Level National
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