Pax Christi (France)

Name Pax Christi (France)
Translated Name Pax Christi (France)
Contact Monseigneur STENGER, Bishop of Troyes
Additional Contact
Street Address 5, Rue Morère - 75014 PARIS
City None
State/Prov None
Zip 0
Country None
Phone +33-(0)1-4449.0636
Fax +33-(0)1-4449.0215
Web Site
Type Applied CST
Work Areas Peace, War, Development, Human Rights, Ecology, Youth
Activities Conferences, Seminars, Exhibitions, Education, Information, Campaign, Lobby, Advocacy, Dialogue, Pastoral Work, Convening
Ecclesiastical Connection Catholic: French Bishops' Conference
Publications Le Journal de la Paix; La Paix en Marche; Fraterni
Org Level National, International
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