L'Action Catholique des milieux indépendants (ACI)

Name L'Action Catholique des milieux indépendants (ACI)
Translated Name The Catholic Action of Independent Millieux (ACI)
Contact Mme Micheline Poujolat, Présidente; Mr Olivier Bellego, Président
Additional Contact
Street Address 3, bis rue François Ponsard 75 116 Paris, France
City None
State/Prov None
Zip 0
Country None
Phone +33-(0)1-
Fax +33-(0)1-
Email acifrance@acifrance.com
Web Site www.acifrance.asso.fr
Type Applied CST
Work Areas Society, Religion/Church and Society, Poverty, Women, Citizenship, Intercultural Dialogue, Interreligious Dialogue/Ecumenism, Right to Life
Activities Dialogue, Convening, Conferences, Seminar, Education, Information, Lobby, Campaign
Ecclesiastical Connection Catholic: French Bishops' Conference
Publications Partenaires; Courrier de l'ACI
Org Level National, International
More Info 7200 active members.

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