Kairos Europa

Name Kairos Europa
Translated Name Kairos Europa
Additional Contact
Street Address Avenue du Parc Royal, 2 - B 1020 Bruxelles, Belgique
City None
State/Prov None
Zip 0
Country None
Phone +32-(0)2-478.704
Fax +32-(0)2-762.3920
Email KAIROS_EJ@Compuserve.com; francois.gobbe@belgacom.net; bocs@c3.hu
Web Site www.kairoseuropa.org; http://c3.hu/~bocs/kairos-dev-edu.htm
Type Applied CST
Work Areas Justice, Peace, Development, Economy, Labor, Society, Theology, Business Ethics/Ethics in Economy, Race/Ethnicity, Youth, Intercultural Dialogue, Globalization, Immigration/Refugees
Activities Networking, Project Development, Campaign, Information, Conferences, Seminars, Exhibitions, Lobby, Research
Ecclesiastical Connection Ecumenical
Publications News Bulletin
Org Level International
More Info European decentralised network of justice, peace and creation initiatives working in collaboration with churches, social movements, trade unions and non-governmental organisations both in and outside Europe.

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