8th Day Center for Justice

Name 8th Day Center for Justice
Translated Name
Additional Contact
Street Address 205 W Monroe Chicago, Illinois 60606-5151 USA
205 W Monroe
City Chicago
State/Prov Illinois
Zip 60606-5151
Country USA
Phone +1-312-641-5151
Fax +1-312-641-1250
Email 8thday@claret.org
Web Site www.8thdaycenter.org
Type Applied CST
Work Areas Globalization, Economics, New Cosmology/Earth Chater, Human Rights, Peace/Militarism, Responsible Investment, United Nations NGO, Nonviolence Theory and Practice, Youth, Women, Poverty, Seniors, Race/Ethnicity
Activities Lobby, Support
Ecclesiastical Connection Catholic: Conglomerate of religious orders
Publications Centerings, Creating Just Language
Org Level National
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